Jordan Gendelman reflects on this year’s trend for houseplants

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Houseplants are back in fashion like never before

Like most trends, houseplants have fallen in and out of favor among fashionable types at least once or twice in the previous few decades. Popular in the 1970s, not so much in the ’80s, and then loved again by many in the 1990s, houseplants then steadily diminished in popularity throughout the fifteen years which followed.

Now, however, houseplants are back in fashion like never before. Sales of houseplants globally have been on the increase since 2016 according to industry reports. This, says Jordan Gendelman, a professional interior designer from Colorado, is thanks to an interior design aesthetic which has hit its peak in 2018.

“For the last year or two, interior designers have been borrowing from nature, especially in the form of large, tropical prints, heavily featuring foliage such as banana leaves,” explains Gendelman. This trend, according to the interior design professional, has resulted in what he calls ‘life imitating art.’

“The trendy prints and textile patterns have literally come to life,” Gendelman adds, “and now people can’t get enough of the big, bold houseplants which inspired many of the trendy foliage-heavy art prints and cushion covers which have become fashionable lately.”

Gendelman explains that large, foliage dominant plants look especially good against dark colors such as navy blue, another big interior trend which has broken through this year. Plants such as the fiddle-leaf fig, ficus, monstera, Chinese money plant, and devil’s ivy have all gone down a storm with those keen to replicate the most on-trend interiors.

“Plants like the fiddle-leaf fig especially are particularly Instagram-worthy, which has been another factor in their success,” suggests Gendelman, pointing out that the hashtag ‘#fiddleleaffig’ currently boasts well over 100,000 posts on the social networking site. The hashtag ‘#houseplant’ has now been used over 350,000 times, while the broader hashtag ‘#plants’ is fast on the approach to an incredible 2,000,000 tagged photos.

It’s a trend which the designer anticipates continuing well into 2019, where cacti look poised to be the next most fashionable choice of houseplant.

“What’s more,” Gendelman adds, wrapping up, “houseplants help to purify the air, so not only do they look great, they’re also making our homes healthier which is an added benefit that I’m sure everyone can appreciate.”

Jordan Gendelman runs a successful interior design business. The business is based in Pitkin County, Colorado, serving clients in and around Aspen, Basalt, and Snowmass Village. Jordan Gendelman’s company specializes in both modern and period interiors with a solid commitment to quality, service, and value.